Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's in the oven? Frittering Away Time on Pinterest

I'm a day late getting my "What's in the oven?" post done and I apologize. I had BIG plans of sharing a recipe for country loaf-style bread with an additional recipe for a pilgram turkey sandwich. But, alas, I found I was missing a key ingredient for the sandwich, so I've decided to postpone those recipes. In its place, I'm sharing a recipe for Apple Fitters that I found on my new passion - Pinterest!

The fritters are light, fluffy, full of flavor - they remind me a lot of cake donuts,but much less dense. I made them for breakfast as a change to what we normally have. The recipe couldn't have been easier to mix up and make. We were enjoying delicious fritters in no time!

I prefer my pastries plain, so I didn't mix up the glaze, but I did dust the fritters for my son in powdered sugar. This recipe made about 12 golf ball-sized fritters

I followed the recipe to the letter, so rather than copy the entire recipe here, I'll provide you with the link to the site I found via Pinterest (just click on "Apple Fritters" below!):


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